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Travel Tips #1-7 and Brian Regan On Airlines

I have a routine since I travel so much and try to stay with it as much as possible to reduce stress, hassle, time and improve the entire experience.  Here are 7 things I try to always do: Wear slip off … Continue reading

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Travel Tip #12

I love Southwest Airlines for a number of reasons.  They outperform every other airline I have traveled on except for maybe Frontier or other small specialty jet companies.  One of the reasons is because I like being able to determine … Continue reading

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You Can’t Fly Anywhere……

……without reading about the dilemmas of the music industry.  On two separate flights (American & Northwest), in two different flight magazines.  The first is an American Way article on the problematic future of the music business.  The second is from … Continue reading

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Travel Tip #32

When planning to fly, do not spray yourself with five times the normal cologne or perfume you would normally wear.  Wait till you make it to your destination, because I will likely have to sit next to you.  Something else that happened … Continue reading

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