Travel Tip #12

I love Southwest Airlines for a number of reasons.  They outperform every other airline I have traveled on except for maybe Frontier or other small specialty jet companies. 

One of the reasons is because I like being able to determine my own seat.  My preferences change depending on the day and flight, so having that option is great.  For instance if I am flying from Nashville to, let’s say, Chicago in the early morning, I will find a window seat on the left side of the aircraft.  First, since I prefer window seats and second because the sun will blind me rising into the sky from the east on the right side of the plane.  Making that adjustment also helps with being able to see the ground better on a clear day and I enjoy looking out onto the world.

So if you fly Southwest and like window seats, think about where the sun is in the sky in relation to the direction you’ll by flying.  Also consider this if you are booking flights and pre-selecting reserved seats on other airlines too.

I might add regarding Southwest, it is also nice to be able to change seats in an instant if someone loud (or potentially annoying) sits down close by.

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5 Responses to Travel Tip #12

  1. I was wondering when you’re making that BNA to MDW flight?

    I have a travel tip from my last flight. No joke: the man actually refused to help me with my bag. Other passengers stepped up and stared at him in wonder as well. It was strange. I mean, who actually says “no” to that request?

    I told him I guessed I’d have had a better chance of getting his help if I had bought him a drink. His reply (again, no joke): “it would have gone a long way to getting you there, yes”.



  2. paulaberg says:

    Hey Mike – thanks for the kind words about our open seating policy. There are some travelers that don’t care for it, but when our CEO announced that we were looking into assigning seats a year and a half ago, our loyal Customers came out of the woodworks to let us know how much they loved open-seating and how disappointed they would be if we changed. They did offer many suggestions for improving the boarding process, however. The decision was ultimately made to keep our open seating, but refine the boarding process with some of their suggestions. I hope you like the new system!

    And, Elizabeth – I hope that person that wouldn’t help you wasn’t one of our Employees.

    Paula Berg
    Southwest Airlines


  3. Paula:


    nope. it was a traveler. the staff of southwest is always great to me when i fly, and it’s my airline of choice everytime.


  4. Paula Berg - Southwest Airlines says:

    That’s music to my ears! Thank you!


  5. Mike Severson says:


    I just flew on a NW flight today because there was no SW service in the market I was in. They let me down again. NW and Delta have a knack of dropping the ball when they have a chance to redeem themselves. Good news for you.

    Only more reasons for me to fly SW whenever I can.



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