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From Old Dreams To New Dreams

I wasn’t in a good place as I went to pick up my nine year old daughter from school the other day. My professional life has been somewhat tumultuous over the past few years as I have been transitioning out … Continue reading

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Does the Best Music Always Rise to the Top?

Every time I hear a debate about music and the charts, without exception one person will chime in and say “the cream always rises to the top”.  Meaning that the best songs will always prevail.  REALLY?  Honestly, do they?  Come on now.  … Continue reading

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Rigid Mission

Have you ever worked for a company or been involved in a venture that was resistant to change, expanded services, or innovative ways of doing business? Met with resistance because of an overtly intense focus on their mission? I’m a … Continue reading

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Remember Customer Service?

Have you ever had customer service so good and people working that were so nice that it kind of freaked you out? Almost to the point that you wondered what was going on? I had that experience recently at Firehouse … Continue reading

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Revealing Speak at Billboard Country Music Summit

The Billboard Country Music Summit was held in downtown Nashville on June 7th and 8th.  It was a gathering of all segments of the music industry to discuss, debate and pontificate about current issues within the music business and ideas … Continue reading

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New Words For A New World

In a recent article concerning the 2010 first quarter sales of music at retail and online the following was written: “In examining where album sales occur, the chain category — which includes Best Buy, Borders and Trans World — suffered … Continue reading

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So Far In 2010: Digital Drops, Non-Traditional Rises

From Billboard.biz By Ed Christman, N.Y. With the first quarter of 2010 now completed, the good news for the U.S. music industry is the slowing decline of album sales. And another observation is the emergence of the non-traditional sector as … Continue reading

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