Travel Tips #1-7 and Brian Regan On Airlines

I have a routine since I travel so much and try to stay with it as much as possible to reduce stress, hassle, time and improve the entire experience.  Here are 7 things I try to always do:

  1. Wear slip off shoes and a “detector safe” belt.  No tie up shoes if I can help it.
  2. Have one pocket in my carry on for change, phone, and anything else I need to take out of my pocket prior to going through security.
  3. Get to airport 2 hours before flight.  There is nothing worse than running for the gate.
  4. Bring a good book, mp3 player, or magazine for the flight or in case of a delay.  It makes the time go by quicker and I may just learn something along the way.
  5. Bring the planner.  I find the best time to plan and make “to do” lists are at the airport or on the flight.
  6. In Nashville, the C gate security line can be crazy.  If so I will check out the A & B security line and sometimes I find there is no wait at all.  I will then go through A/B security and walk over to the C gates.  A little more walking, but well worth it.  Just don’t tell anyone else!
  7. I place something on my suitcase, especially if it black like most, so I can easily identify it on the carosel at baggage claim.  I prefer to use my burgundy case, which is an even better option.  Buy a case with color!

Here is Brian Regan talking about air travel.  My favorite comedian.

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