Travel Tip #32

When planning to fly, do not spray yourself with five times the normal cologne or perfume you would normally wear.  Wait till you make it to your destination, because I will likely have to sit next to you. 

Something else that happened on my latest trip:  I learned more about the person sitting behind me on a flight, who was talking to a complete stranger (loudly I might add), than I know about my own family.   The oversharing buzzer went off so much I needed to put down the book and break out the ipod. 

Undoubtedly there is something I will notice, good or bad, during each of my trips.  Some others are also noted by my favorite comedian Brian Regan:

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One Response to Travel Tip #32

  1. 🙂

    I’m one of those great passengers that struggles with her bag just enough to get the guy to put it up for me, then I catch your eye or another’s to grab a blanket and pillow for me as soon as I board. I toss a New Yorker or Time/Newsweek/ etc. magazine on my lap in case I can’t sleep…then offer you a piece of gum as I pop one in my mouth before the plane takes off.

    …My eyes close as I curl up into the window and I might crack a witty joke about the guy behind us at some point. Because you can never tell if I’m sleeping or not. (because who really sleeps on a flight?)

    …Then you make sure I get the snack since I’ve had my eyes closed the whole flight “just in case” I would have hated I missed they came around.

    Finally, as the plane lands, I wake up, smile at the kids traveling, make some light hearted conversation and get you to grab my bag down for me.

    I think that makes me the world’s perfect traveler?

    ps. did I mention I also know how to get my bags on and off the plane and down the aisle without tearing into your shoulder or arm while you sit?



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