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Song: Humble & Kind

Without going into the abyss of current stylistic debates of country music, one particular thing that has been missing on country radio is a great uplifting, inspiring, and introspective type of song. Well, the wide chasm just waiting to be satisfied is getting its fill with … Continue reading

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Ridiculously Talented – Chris Stapleton

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while, but my blogging has suffered as of late. However, I couldn’t go on any longer without featuring singer/songwriter Chris Stapleton. Because he’s Ridiculously Talented. As a songwriter Stapleton has penned … Continue reading

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Does the Best Music Always Rise to the Top?

Every time I hear a debate about music and the charts, without exception one person will chime in and say “the cream always rises to the top”.  Meaning that the best songs will always prevail.  REALLY?  Honestly, do they?  Come on now.  … Continue reading

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The Fans Rule

It’s been years since I’ve fully dived into Fan Fair, modernly known as CMA Music Festival.  Even when I’ve attended in the past I would usually just go to the stages to watch and support whatever artists I was representing … Continue reading

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Country Radio and Social Media

Here is an interesting article from SOCIAL RADIO PROS on Country radio and social media: There has been a huge focus on moving radio brands to the internet.  Internet ad revenue has grown exponentially while the spot business has declined.  … Continue reading

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Top 10 Radio Trends for 2010

Top 10 Trends for 2010 By: Daniel Anstandig Social Media means Qualified Prospects. There are over five billion tweets sent per day, and the people who tweet have been shown in a number of studies to spend more money on … Continue reading

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A Message from Keynote Speaker for CRS 41

Dave Ramsey is an incredibly successful broadcast personality and is on over 400 radio stations.  In addition, Dave is a prominent author, speaker, businessman, and culture shaper.  He’s also a heck of a nice guy.  I should know since my … Continue reading

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