About This

Observations, musings, visuals and information about artists, songs, music, songwriters, the music industry, Nashville, radio, marketing, and whatever else may be happening.

I’m not an author or pretend to be one…..I’m just a guy who occasionally is inspired to write and share.  Occasionally being the key word.  Please feel free to join in the mix.

3 Responses to About This

  1. Alonzo butler says:

    Hi mike I am writer since 1996 the year of my retirement, unfortunately

    I have not found anyone who wants too listen, I would appreciate if

    You allow me to send you a CD I would like your opinion.

    thank you love never fail’s I love your Scripture at Matthew 28


  2. Eric Pingle says:

    Mike-I found you on twitter and it seems we have some of the same interests and goals. My best friend and lead singer lives in Nashville and we are about to shoot our 1st music video (Directed by Jason Cook of General Hospital) for a song he just recorded in April with Garth Brooks’ studio band. (Keep in mind we are not signed-don’t even have an agent at this point) We’re approaching the industry as a brand and not necessarily a band-with a vision of blessing others as we are blessed. Not sure what will happen after we shoot the video-it’ll be in God’s hands-but I would love to talk more with you, if you’re interested, about what we’re doing. My clothing company is part of the brand idea and I’m trying to help fight cancer that way and have some other ideas in the works. Please check us out and feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks and god bless.


  3. Clayton Veale says:

    Mike!, KNGX trained us well!
    Hopefully the video tape will never surface!


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