Nine Weeks of a Celebrity Trash Magazine

Week 1:  Big story on how amazing Demi Moore looks and everyone wants to know “How does she stay so young looking?!”
Week 2: The scoop on celebrities that are too thin.  Anorexia?  Lots of photos to prove it!
Week 3:  The wedding of the year.  First photos of the lavish, expensive, and stylish wedding and guests!  They are so in love!
Week 4: Celebrities that are overweight or have cellulite showing (with little arrows pointing it out on their body just so you won’t miss it).
Week 5:  How you can be as happy as the hot newlywed couple.  Their love secrets are revealed.  Exclusive photos of their honeymoon!
Week 6:  Demi Moore’s anorexia, plastic surgery, and prescription medication abuse.  She’s crying for help!
Week 7:  How new celebrity mom’s lost their baby fat! And check out our exclusive photos of celebrities without makeup!
Week 8:  Divorce!  Wedding of year couple just can’t work it out. Both of them cheated! Sad.
Week 9:  How Demi Moore overcame her demons and how in the world does she look so young?!


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