Ridiculously Talented – Here Come The Mummies

I don’t know why I haven’t included these band of mummy brothers before now. I may have taken them for granted, and for that, I apologize. Being around the guys in the early stages of their mummification, I was fortunate to see them evolve and perform many times in Nashville when their touring was in just a few markets. Since then much has changed as their popularity has soared through word of mouth and from appearing on national radio and television programs.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is their here come the mummiesridiculous talent. Here Come The Mummies are outstanding professional artists making great music. Sure some of the lyrical content is silly and quite suggestive with a heavy dose of double entendre, but it only adds to their comedic persona as a live band. And you MUST see them live if you haven’t yet had the opportunity. It’s one of the best live acts you may ever see – funky, fun, energetic, and as musically spot on as a band can get.

Don’t think of them as a novelty masquerade. Mummies may be their schtick, but take the bandages off and they would remain artistically well preserved and Ridiculously Talented. You can’t say that about many acts that hide behind dancers, backup singers, and theatrics.

Here a couple of videos from a live show in Nashville and an appearance on The Bob & Tom Show…..


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2 Responses to Ridiculously Talented – Here Come The Mummies

  1. Lynne Parker says:

    Saw them last night for the second time. Love them! And they are ridiculously talented. We are definitely spreading the word about HCTM!


  2. Jim Robb says:

    You’re spot on Mike. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live several times and it’s always great. It’s so rare that bands do horns right these days. These guys do them RIGHT. On top of that they seem to have a ton of fun on stage. From crazy dances to taking pictures with people in the crowd to wacky stage antics all while remaining one of the tighest bands around. Beyond that the really go the extra mile for their fans. Most every show has a meet and greet afterwards where you can get pictures, an autograph or even a Mummy hug. Have to be careful though, the face paint smudges!


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