Ridiculously Talented: Michael Kiwanuka

I admit I got into a rut with my blog. Mostly due to my work, hobbies, and not really being inspired to post anything. I’d rather let the blog sit idle than conjure up something just to have content. I want to be inspired creatively or motivated by outside sources to make the time and give something that is worthwhile.

That brings me to Michael Kiwanuka. I recently stumbled upon one of his songs and then checked out the entire album. I immediately purchased the album, which I don’t do nearly as often as I used to, and found the inspiration within the music. There is a refreshing vintage soul vibe and yet a new welcoming sound of restoration.

Kiwanuka grew up in London and is the son of Ugandan parents who escaped the Idi Amin regime. He is the male answer to Adele, who he opened for in 2011, and I hope will be as popular as she has come to be. Firstly because Michael is Ridiculously Talented, and secondly, we need more artists like him rising above the ocean of musical mediocrity our culture spews out.

It’s really good to be inspired.

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