Ridiculously Talented – Eric Church

A big congratulations goes out to Eric Church who just scored his first #1 single this week with “Drink In My Hand”.  It’s been way overdue since releasing his first single to radio in 2006.  From that time Eric has sold an amazing amount of albums even though just two of his previous nine singles made it into the Top 10, and all the while he has amassed a large and passionate fan base.

Eric Church is a ridiculously talented writer and artist, but what makes him even more so is his ability to connect to his ardent fans with authenticity.  A novel concept lost on a fair share of mainstream country artists.  It took a good portion of country radio a while to understand connection, passion, sellout shows, and huge sales without huge radio hits translates into an artist they should be playing a lot more of.  I’m glad they finally have because an artist like Church is important to the format.

And if they thought “Drink In My Hand” was big, just wait till “Springsteen“.

Here is the first single “Homeboy” from one of my favorite albums released in 2011, “Chief”.

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