Rigid Mission

Have you ever worked for a company or been involved in a venture that was resistant to change, expanded services, or innovative ways of doing business? Met with resistance because of an overtly intense focus on their mission?

I’m a big proponent of having a mission statement and being committed to it. It’s critical for a business to have a well communicated mission and inspiring for employees and clients to be a part of that solid unity, but it can also be a problem. There are companies that are unable to see that new ideas, technology, and enhanced positions don’t have to change the overall mission but can actually add to it and make it stronger.

Fear of variation paralyzes growth. Yes, most new ideas will not fit within the mission, but some can actually make it possible to hit targets with more precision and be big game changers. It’s the ability to be open to those ideas and new models of business that can launch an organization to new levels.

Rigidness may feel like an unwavering commitment to excellence, but in these days of rapid industry change it can look like desperation to hold onto a stagnant or dying model in hopes of resurrecting past success.  This is especially true in the music industry.  Mission statements don’t have to change if defined correctly, but they do need to be evaluated and made stronger through growth, vision, and enhancement within the context of the mission.

Having a mission statement is essential in these times of distraction, but not properly attending to it will cause it to be inadequate and ineffective.

Which reminds me, I need to re-evaluate my own mission statement.  How about you?

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