Revealing Speak at Billboard Country Music Summit

The Billboard Country Music Summit was held in downtown Nashville on June 7th and 8th.  It was a gathering of all segments of the music industry to discuss, debate and pontificate about current issues within the music business and ideas of how to overcome the problems facing it.  Rather than a rundown of panels I have found that simple quotes are more revealing about what people are thinking, and more importantly, what they may be doing……

Anderson Merchandisers CEO Charlie Anderson: “We do believe, without changes, the industry will implode in three years.”

Red Light Managment CEO Will Botwin:  “Many of our big acts are looking forward to being an independent artist.”

ASCAP’s Tim DuBois:  “I’ve seen more changes in the last three years than in the previous thirty.”

CMT’s Jay Frank:  “Multiple feeder systems slow down the music business when it needs to be sped up.”

Warner/Chappell’s Tracy Gershon: “We’re signing and developing artist-writers…….maybe at one point, we’re going to put an album out.”

Tim McGraw: “I’m willing to be overexposed……..I’m 43….You can sort of mystique your way out of a career.”

Gary Allan:  “The single-song format is not creating stars in this town.”

Big Machine President Scott Borchetta:  “When ASCAP and BMI are posting record years and radio and records are hurting, maybe its time to look at those percentages?”

Sony/ATV CEO Troy Tomlinson:  “If we don’t invest in new writers, if we don’t invest in new artists, we can kiss it goodbye.”

Vector Management Co-Owner Ken Levitan speaking about 360 deals:  “When you look at the dollars and cents, they (artists) may do all the work and get absolutely nothing. Stay away from them as much as possible.”

CMA Board Chairman Steve Moore: “In chaos there is opportunity.”

Clear Channel’s Tom English:  “What I’m mystified by is that 25-54 has been the primary demo for 40 years. If in fact 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50, why are we still talking about 25-54?”

William Morris C0-President Greg Oswald:  “The artist who sells 2 or 3 thousand has a chance to sell 10,000.”

KILT/Houston PD Jeff Garrison:  “Biggest surprise with PPM is there’s no surprise at all.”

Artist manager John Lytle in referring to Twitter & social media for artists:  “There’s a lot of things people shouldn’t know.”

CMT’s Jay Frank:  “Labels and artists need to continuously feed music to fans…….if not they will move to another artist.”

MobileRoadie’s Michael Schneider:  “Apps are more intimate than web sites.”

Live Nation’s Brian O’Connell regarding touring industry: “In 2010, I couldn’t be any happier.”

Tim McGraw:  “This business is hard, it’s even harder if you think you’re good and you’re not.”

ASCAP’s Tim DuBois: “If anyone says they have it figured out, they are bluffing.”

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One Response to Revealing Speak at Billboard Country Music Summit

  1. David Stone says:

    This is a ever changing industry! No heads or tails~


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