The Music Advisory – Pawnshop Kings

Okay, yet another friend who works in the business gave me some music to check out.  She is managing a couple guys who call themselves the PawnShop Kings.  Yet another music industry professional who is passionate about good music.  As opposed to passionate about bad music or passionate about nothing.  That’s doesn’t do anyone any good.  There is hope for this business yet!

If you haven’t already met them, may I introduce to you the PawnShop Kings:

“Driven by formative, familial experiences on their Arkansas plantation, born in Texas, and raised on the beach in southern California, PawnShop kings play the music of the American South with equal parts rock, gospel, country and pop. Their inspiration comes greatly from the melodic sensibility and purpose of the Staple Singers and Bob Marley atop the brilliant musical expanse of the Beatles. An early exposure to Southern black churches during their childhood fostered a deeper lyrical significance.

“We write the music we like,” from Scott, “and, you know, if we’re lucky other people get it. Our songs come from the context of the people we love, the things we love and hate, and the experience that comes from all of that.”

“Yeah, and we don’t sing about getting drunk and laid – so we probably won’t relate to the fan looking for that sort of immediacy,” added Joel. “I’d like to think the music we’re playing has a longer shelf life than that. I say our sound reflects back to the roots of American music but adds a more contemporary edge that those particular early styles lacked to my child ears.”

Clearly, PawnShop kings’ musical identity defies easy description – and not only because of the amalgamation of styles. The lowercase “k” in the band’s name suggests a church-borne intentionality that keeps the brothers as friends and from straying too far from faith and family.

“We love that pawn shops give people a second chance whether or not they use it,” remarks Scott. “Our music, and the ability to build upon the gospel roots of our childhood, plays as our voice to that spirit of reinvention.”

New EP “PawnShop kings” released August ’09 and available at for digital download and at shows for physical copies.

Debut album “Locksley” and Documentary “Brother’s Keeper” are also available online and at shows. For more information go to

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2 Responses to The Music Advisory – Pawnshop Kings

  1. Michael Grabowski says:

    Their recordings are good, but live these two are great. Not to be missed if you get the chance to see them perform.


  2. jimmy says:

    Agreed. Live is best.


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