Don’t Be That Guy

I work out in the mornings now, much to my chagrin.  I always enjoyed going after work which helped reduce the stress built up over the course of the day.  Plus it was just easier than getting up so early and hitting the gym.  Who wants to exercise when they are still waking up?  Well, now that we have a kiddo, I must schedule my gym time before work for the most part.  I’m still adjusting to it and it is definitely a whole new crowd of people compared to the after work enthusiasts.

Nearly every morning that I walk into the mens locker room, there are two or three of the same guys talking it up.  It seems like two of the men are experts in everything imaginable – military strategy, space flight, politics, sports, financial markets, economic theory, psychology, philosophy, international travel, automobiles, oil trading, nuclear physics, bird watching… name it.  When the third one is around he’s like a masochistic punching bag for the other two’s perceived intellect and adventures.  It’s all supremely annoying.

There are times when a bystander will engage the conversation and that encourages the “me monster” to take over.  I always think of the following bit from Brian Regan when listening to these guy’s attempts at impressing each other:

I suppose we all know someone like that and have even noticed our own Me Monster taking control at times.  Which brings me to a reflecting point.  The most wise, intelligent, authentic, capable, respected, and Renaissance-like men I have ever known ask the most questions, show a quiet confidence, give freely to others, and display a humility that overrides their obvious accomplishments and adventures.  That’s the type of men I respect and use as an example for how I try to pattern my own life.

It would be great, however, to walk into the locker room and say that I walked on the moon.  🙂

Note:  Someone did bring up a good point of which I thought about while writing this and was going to save for a future post, but I’ll go ahead and address it now – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and other “self” social media encourages the Me Monster.  It certainly can and does bring a tension for which we must find prudence and balance.  To be aware and welcome that tension is a solid way to reconcile it.

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3 Responses to Don’t Be That Guy

  1. lindseyreadenobles says:

    I totally agree. It’s funny the men who “ask the most questions, show a quiet confidence, give freely to others, and display a humility that overrides their obvious accomplishments and adventures” don’t even need to brag on themselves because others do it for them.


  2. Jonathan says:

    Great post, Mike.


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