Little Things Matter

Studies show that waiters can boost their tips from 10 to 100 percent by doing any of the following:

  • Lightly touching the customer
  • Smiling at the customer
  • Squatting next to the table
  • Introducing themselves by name
  • Thanking them for dining there
  • Forecasting good weather
  • Drawing a smiley face on the check

What are you doing to create that “little difference” in your work and life?  An advanced degree may do nothing to separate you from the crowd.  But what could you do today to engage your customers, clients or co-workers in a way that they will never forget?

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2 Responses to Little Things Matter

  1. TrueMan says:

    Can I add one? It kind of feeds off what you have, but how about acting like you want to be there? Nothing gets to me more than a server that acts like he or she doesn’t want to take your order and would rather be somewhere else.


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