All for the Hall

If ever there was an industry show I was glad I went to, this one was it.  I caught myself smiling at times because of the pure talent that graced the stage and the quality of the music.  The production and sound was solid as far as I could tell too.  The award shows should have been taking notes.  As a matter of fact, I have an idea for them – use Vince Gill’s band for all non group performances.  They can play anything and knock it out of the park.

Keith and Vince announced there will be a “All For The Hall” show in October 2010 and I will be back to not only see a fantastic show, but to support the Country Music Hall of Fame.

As for individual performances, here is a brief rundown:

Keith Urban:   Hands down is the most entertaining act in country music. No need for gimmicks, this guy is a master on stage, with a guitar, and with a crowd.  He seems so comfortable and genuine as well.

Vince Gill:   I love this guy and always have. As he sang I reminisced at when I was fortunate to work hit after hit after hit including “Whenever You Come Around” which he performed and his voice sounded exactly the same.  He has not lost an ounce of his talent and we are all the poorer not hearing him on the radio.

Brad Paisley:  Would have liked to hear another song, but enjoyed the guitar duel with Urban.  Obvious talent.

Little Big Town:   Each time I see this act, the more I believe they are stars.  Sounded great.

Lady Antebellum:   This is a trio that should be welcomed as an A artist.  They are unbelievably versatile and talented.  I can’t wait to hear more.

Jason Aldean:   I know he has sold a load of albums, but I have not seen Jason in a big venue.  His ovation was eye opening.  The guy has a coolness factor and carves out his own edgy country niche.

Faith Hill:   Honestly I wasn’t expecting much just based on not seeing her for a long time, but she surprised me at how strong her vocals were.  I was reminded of why I initially fell for her back in 1993.  All she needs is some solid and relevant country songs.  I’d be glad to welcome her back into the fold.

Dierks Bentley:   He wasn’t on the bill and showed up as a special guest, and honestly it felt like he just showed up to the venue 5 minutes before and decided to go on stage.  He was good however and has such an original voice in a sea of sameness when it comes to male artists.

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