And We’re Off

I’m quite excited about the trip we are departing on today.  A mission and advocasy trip to Guatemala to visit child development programs and see first hand how children and families are being rescued from their dire circumstances.  I already know what to expect having been on a few of trips, but the impact nevertheless will always be the same no matter how many I eventually journey on.  Heartbreak, joy, hunger, hope, poverty, faithfulness, weakness, courage, and a multitude of emotions and sensations.  Brutal poverty will punch you in the gut and things change.  Change for the good in you, in me, and in the lives of these children.

Just tonight I was talking with our adoptive daughter about her life in Ethiopia.  She tells us random stories and we have been trying to weave them together in some sort of time frame and context.  The better she speaks English, the more we are understanding and putting the pieces into place.  So tonight’s story was about how her and her Ethiopian mother didn’t have any food to eat and were hungry all the time.  She said that they both would ask for money along side the road so they could go buy food.  They were begging.  A common sight in Ethiopia, but to imagine our daughter in dirty clothes from the dusty roads, holding her mother’s hand and just looking for their next meal, well…….how that will hit me when I see it in Guatemala I just don’t know.  But that’s reality and that’s life in these poverty stricken countries.

It will impact everyone on our trip differently depending on their own story and what touches their heart.  I look forward to telling you stories from this adventure and have even more anticipation of hearing what our artist, radio, and industry guests have to tell.

I’m proud and excited to have Megan Mullins, Carter’s Chord, Rob Blackledge and John Bollinger as our artist guests.  Musical artists have so much influence to inform and encourage people to act.

I don’t know who will be blogging, twittering, or updating Facebook, but I will certainly try along the way.

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