Home Improvement

Having an instant 5 year old has obviously been a major adjustment to our lives at home.  It can be very easy to get distracted by all of the frustrations that come attached with it, but along the way I have noticed improvements in my life that have come with parenthood.  Besides actually being a parent of course and all the ways that will change me for the better.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but rather ordinary observations and revelations.  I’m sure I will discover more as this journey continues.

I now:

  • Floss more often
  • Wear my seat belt at all times now
  • Don’t waste evenings watching bad television
  • Read more
  • Drink more wine (in a good way)
  • Garden and plant more
  • Savor better the quiet times
  • Hike more often
  • Am getting significantly more swimming pool action
  • Have more awareness
  • Am better tanned
  • Relearning how to draw and color
  • Hear a wider variety of music
  • Make more sandcastles
  • Get to swing and slide on the playground without getting strange looks
  • Fly kites again
  • Clean the house more often
  • Can loosen up and act stupid with no repercussions
  • Drink much more chocolate milk
  • Cook on the grill more often
  • Play soccer again
  • Have the opportunity to work out in the morning, which I haven’t yet taken fully advantage of but plan to soon.
  • Empathize with other parents
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