A Fix for the Music Industry

Inside Music Media has a piece on entitled “A Fix for the Music Industry”.  A taste:

“The problem is that the labels only know one way to do things — their way — and their way went bye-bye about ten years ago.

They don’t know what to do today.

That’s why they sue listeners and illegal downloaders. And no matter how moronic the downloaders they snag are, it is a failed strategy for turning the music industry around.

But cooperating with the inevitable — now that’s a fix for the ills of the record labels.

Actually promoting viral use of their artists’ material and work to find ways to legally sell downloads, merch, and ancillary types of income.

Isn’t that the lesson of radio — MTV — concerts — magazine and media promotion in days gone by?

You increase legal demand for the product the more ways you find to expose it — even and maybe because of free viral distribution.”

See the entire post HERE.

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