Guest Blogger: Joel Burke

Where do I go from here?

By Joel Burke

Over the past few months in talking with people, I have heard countless times, “Where do I go from here? For some, it’s because of their own choices, but mostly it’s due to circumstances out of their control like a job loss, a family tragedy or a relationship that ended bitterly. Well, there is no perfect answer or a quick fix, but I have come up with a few suggestions that might help you or someone you know that is going through painful time.

Change Your Attitude: You might not be able to instantly change your circumstances, but you can certainly change and control attitude. Once you get over the surprise and the pain of what has happened, you must look forward to what is next and not look back in regret. It takes guts to get out of a rut.

Change Your Relationships: If you have friends around you that are needy or negative whether it’s sunny or raining, you should consider either putting some distance from those people or even totally shutting them off. Look for people who are going to lift you up, not bring you down. Also, it could be time to change or renew your relationship with GOD.

Change Your Scenery: It could be a temporary trip to place you have always wanted to visit or could be a permanent move. Someone shared with me recently that after a tragic event that they actually moved to another city. For this person, there were too many memories that brought out too much pain. Some people might call that running away from the problem, but I would call it a fresh start.

Change Your Calling/Career: What could easily cause you to plunge to the bottom of the lake might actually launch you to a mountaintop that you could have never imaged. All of us should frequently evaluate whether we are trying to live for success or significance. I believe that if you strive for significance, success will follow. During a time of transition and passage, you might come to realization that you need to do something different with your life.

I recently thought of a song recently I haven’t heard in a long time. It came out in the early 80’s by Scott Wesley Brown called “He Will Carry You.” The first few lines are….

There is no problem to big… God cannot solve it.

There is no mountain to tall…God cannot move it.

There is no storm so dark…that God cannot calm it.

There is no sorrow so deep…God cannot soothe it.

One of the most frequent, yet important phrases in the Bible is “and it came to pass.” Tough times are only temporary yet it does require us to take inventory of “where do I go from here?” and make a possible change.

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