Clear Channel Cuts Round 2


CLEAR CHANNEL has announced another major wave of staff reductions resulting in the loss of 590 positions, just over 3% of the company, focusing on positions in programming, on-air, engineering, information technology and business office posts such as accounting and customer service.

While on-air programming is part of this reduction, it’s not the majority of it, even though they are the majority of names we have that are out. Those positions will be filled with a combination of syndication and premium choice programming.

This second wave of restructuring follows the initial downsizing that was the result of a comprehensive analysis by the folks at BAIN, which began on JANUARY 20th with the loss of approximately 1,850 positions, which was 9% of the workforce (NET NEWS 1/20). This brings the total of eliminated positions to about 2,440, or 12% off of DECEMBER 2008 staffing levels.

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One Response to Clear Channel Cuts Round 2

  1. sarahp10 says:

    Uhg. We lost so many good people today. 😦 Thanks for writing about this, I was reprimanded today for updating my status on facebook in regards to corporate greed.


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