Nice Sales Week for Country

Rascal Flatts new album “Unstoppable” sold 351,000 in its initial week. It debuts at #1 in the Billboard Top 200 and is the trio’s fifth consecutive studio album to debut in the top five.  The most interesting number and the one we should be dissecting is the 58,000 copies that were sold digitally, making it the week’s #1 Digital Album. That is about 16% of total sales.

While retail and big box sales are critical today, the more important future strategy should be working on growing the 16% to catch up with the ever increasing numbers in total digital sales occurring within the industry.

Another interesting note is the rare occurrence that Country artists have debuted at #1 for two consecutive weeks (Keith Urban last week).  Jason Aldean also gets kudos for first week sales of his sophomore album at #4 in the Top 200 with 109,000 units sold.

So all news is not bad news, but the ACM’s, Swift, Urban, and Flatts have certainly help prop things up.

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