Increase your chances of finding a job

I’m always curious at strategies aimed at finding the work one loves to do.  Desired careers don’t typically just fall on your lap.  You have to identify what it is you want to do, pursue that work on your own, or find the companies that are involved in it.  If you are looking to join a company there will be tough competition.  You must make yourself stand out from the pack and that is the subject of a recent post from Dan Miller.  How can you give yourself a better statistical opportunity than everyone else in the running for a particular job?

Here is Dan Miller’s 48 Days Job Search Strategy:

  • Identify 30-40 target companies.
  • Send a letter of introduction to each company.
  • Send cover letter and resume — one week after letter of introduction.
  • Phone call to follow up. Very important. My experience is that only about 1-2% of job-hunters do this.

It is very easy to bring your name to the top of the list if you just do a follow up call. Don’t be afraid of being persistent! Keep in mind that if you just send cover letters and resumes (#3), you need to send out 254 to have a statistical chance of getting a job offer. If you combine that with a phone call, the number drops to 1 out of 15, a dramatic difference. Add to that an introduction letter and the results will amaze you. This is a SELLING process. We use a 3 time repetitive process because of understanding marketing principles. If you are selling recliners, having someone see or hear about them 3 times will increase their response. In this process you are selling a product, and that product is YOU! Just commit to the process and a time line.

Full process outlined in 48 Days to the Work You Love.

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