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What Real Hope Looks Like

Tired of hearing the fear, doom and gloom that’s filling the airwaves? Join Dave Ramsey for an intimate, nationwide town hall meeting and discover what’s happening with the economy, how we got here, and where we’re going. Plus, Dave will … Continue reading

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Processing the Week

Stories and information about the week in El Salvador is forthcoming, but in the meantime, an album of photos is posted online.  Go here to check out just some of the images taken during the week.  Country Weekly will be … Continue reading

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Sound Off

The 9513 has a feature entitled “Your Take” which asks their readers particular questions regarding the country format.  Following is a sampling of the latest queries.  There are some interesting answers. What is country music?  What does your musical taste say about … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Indies on Music Row

It is frustrating to see more friends losing jobs as the result of independent labels closing or “restructuring”.  It is even more maddening to hear the owners blame it on the economy when it is typically their own fault for having a … Continue reading

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Jotting Down CRS Mental Notes

 A few noteworthy items from Country Radio Seminar: Only one artist made me say “WHERE?!” when a friend saw him – Michael Martin Murphy.  A legendary and authentic artist.  How cool to see him there and shake his hand later … Continue reading

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Post CRS Thoughts

The 40th Country Radio Seminar started off in encouraging style with Seth Godin giving an intelligent and rousing keynote.  He knows his stuff when it comes to the music and radio industries and he certainly knows how to engage in discussion … Continue reading

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CRS Keynote Speaker Seth Godin – A Warm Up

Booking Seth Godin as the Keynote Speaker for Country Radio Seminar was a smart move.  It sends a signal to everyone attending that the intention of  the industry is to look into the future for innovation and opportunities.  Following are excerpts from a … Continue reading

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