Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009

Leadership Music’s annual Digital Summit is one of the most valuable and high-impact events in the Nashville music industry community.  Join over 600 artists, ISPs, songwriters, venture capitalists, managers, content aggregators, labels, digital music services, publishers, service providers, mobile operators, consumer product developers, retailers, and media to shape the next generation of music in the marketplace.  

*Ted Cohen, TAG Strategic
*Dorrian Porter, Mozes
*Greg Scholl, The Orchard
*Jim Lucchese, The Echo Nest
*Ali Partovi, iLike
*Jim Cicconi, AT&T
*Dave Ulmer, Motorola


Two days & pre-event kickoff March 23-25, 2009
Added Networking Opportunities and More Live Music
Hot Topics: Mobile, ISPs, Social Net, Intellectual Property and Money
Great Value: All Registration Fees at or below 2008 prices 
REGISTER NOW for as low as $129!

All the details are at www.digitalsummit.org  

I attended last year’s event and found it to be a stimulating time of learning, growing, and expanding new world thinking.

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