Termination Day

The worst kept secret in the radio and record industry came to pass as Clear Channel let go of 1850 employees.  I actually thought there might be a slight chance the CC brass wouldn’t do it on the same day as the inauguration as rumored, but they indeed did.  The only reason anyone can think of for picking that particular date is that it wouldn’t make much noise on the mainstream news.  You must figure they didn’t want bad press for firing 9% of their employees.  I find irony in it happening on inauguration day since it is exactly the sort of thing politicians do in Washington.  Wait for a big event, put on a parade, strike up the band, and divert the public attention away from the shifty and questionable moves being made.

I wish all of the Clear Channel casualties the best as they look to the future.  It is never easy to lose a job, trust me, but invariably  it works out for the best.  For some of you it will be a prime opportunity to escape the trappings of radio and for others it will only inspire you further to get back in the game.  Whatever your decision or calling, our thoughts and prayers are extended to you.

Onward and Upward.

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