Digital Media Hype Getting Out of Control?

I’m sometimes put off by the technology everyone is saying I must have, and then if I choose to purchase it, find that within mere moments it is out of date or has a next generation that is the new must have.  Following that there will be a new hype of something shiny that is coming out next month.  My wallet doesn’t like it much either.  I personally don’t carry a wallet or a pocket book (who calls it a pocket book anyway?), but if I did, well, I promise you they wouldn’t like it.

A question I have from the speed at which technology is moving – will it simply come full circle?  Watch this video from the only good anchor/reporter NBC has nowadays, Brian Williams.  He goes at the hype of digital media and makes some of it appear laughable.  

I get the convenience, portability, and on demand factors.  Those are huge selling features.  I believe that technology is providing all of us with  unprecedented opportunities.  But at what point are we just becoming lazy, overloaded with entertainment, and bound up in the overindulgence of consumerism?  Can our minds, attention, and, um, pocketbooks possibly keep pace?

I know I am becoming more careful about the hype and waiting to see if the technology at hand will genuinely be a benefit for my life or business; or if I really find that the application or technology hits my lifestyle bullseye.  Otherwise what is the point really?

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