CRS 2009 Already Off to a Good Start

CRB recently announced that Seth Godin will keynote Country Radio Seminar 2009.  In my opinion they could not have booked a better individual to kick off the seminar.  Seth is not only a marketing and idea guru, he also is very familiar with radio and the record industry.  He knows how the dots are connected as well as any of us, but more importantly, knows how the dots are dis-connected better than most of us.

Seth’s blog is a must read and many other blogs, including this one, refer to it often.  If you’re not familiar yet with Mr. Godin, start with Mark Ramsey’s interview on his media industry blog Hear 2.0Mark is the President of Mercury Media Research and he talks to him about radio’s future.  Then go bookmark Seth’s blog site.

I would expect Seth Godin to be enlightening and challenging to our industry at a time when we need it.  I’m just glad the keynote slot was not given to another celebrity interview that does little or nothing to inspire and provoke serious thought for the future of our format.

I hope it will be a sign of good things to come from CRS 2009.

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