Who Decides Musical Significance?

I was recently thinking about legendary Country artists that have little significance in today’s Country music world or in the pop culture at large.  They certainly have respect and have been influences on culture, but they have either been shut out of today’s world or have purposefully decided not to participate.  It happens.

Then there are others who still have weight and significance in what is happening today.  How does that happen and who decides?  Some of it is hard work on the road, a great marketing, publishing or publicity team, and a new vision of how they can fit themselves into what’s going on now.  Sometimes it is random fortune too.

That leads me to The Bellamy Brothers.  They currently have a big hit in the U.K., but not from a new song, but rather “Let Your Love Flow” which they originally released in 1976.  It is one of the best “feel good” songs ever recorded and someone took advantage of that fact and licensed the track for a television ad in the United Kingdom.  The single is rising up the UK charts 30 years after it was a hit and they have a new found fame.  A whole new generation is discovering the Bellamy’s.

The ad is for a credit card company.  I don’t feel good about credit card companies.  I actually hate credit card companies for a multitude of reasons.  They are evil.  But I do like this advert.   

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