Ridiculously Talented – Bethany Dillon

Yes I know, Bethany Dillon has been around for a bit in the Christian music industry andhas scored #1 songs, critical acclaim, and GMA nominations, but there are millions of people who have never heard of her outside those walls.  It’s about time to break down those barriers one way or another. 

Bethany released her first album on Sparrow Records in 2004 at the age of 16.  She was quickly discovered as an amazingly gifted singer/songwriter.  Her voice, in the opinion of the Music Advisory, is one of the finest in the CCM or any format.

If it were up to yours truly, I would expand Bethany into the Country genre as well.  Her voice and instrumentational style would be a natural progression.  Not only would Bethany bring her current fans with her, but she would make an instant and positive impact on countless others with relevant songs and by the way she lives her life.  Her talent blows away the gifted Taylor Swift and other youthful contemporaries and she would be a welcomed addition to a format needing authentic talent as apposed to a saturated celebrity dumping ground.

So the invitation is out there for Bethany and her camp (including producer extraordinaire Ed Cash) to make the mainstream cross over.  I would be the biggest advocate and fight for it, but I’m positive CCM would fight to keep her all to themselves.  Rightly so. 

You should check out Bethany’s history of musical offerings if you have yet to discover this Ridiculously Talented young lady.  She is creating authentic and important music with limitless potential down the road.

Web site: www.bethanydillon.com

A video.

Acoustic performance video. (Cuts abrubtly toward end)

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