Time for an iPhone?

My Sprint contract has finally run its course and now I find myself thinking about finally getting an iPhone.  I have many friends who absolutely love it and very few who regret the purchase of their Apple device.  I have my issues with Apple and AT&T, so I’m weighing the good vs bad options.

While I ponder that, here’s a short article from Digital Music News:

Exactly who is buying the iPhone these days?  Initial research suggested a largely a male, post-30-something demographic, though a broader bracket is now joining the party.  According to data released by comScore over the weekend, 43 percent of buyers in the United States earn an income north of $100,000.  But the biggest growth in coming from those below the six-figure threshold, including those making as low as $25,000 annually.

Americans are notorious for spending beyond their means, though the iPhone stretches things a bit.  But instead of a $400 heavyweight tag, the newest phones dip below $200.  Of course, that comes with serious AT&T subscription strings attached, though comScore attempted to justify the purchase.  “As an additional household budget item, a $200 device plus at least $70 per month for phone service seems a bit extravagant for those with lower disposable income,” said senior comScore analyst Jen Wu.  “However, one actually realizes cost savings when the device is used in lieu of multiple digital devices and services, transforming the iPhone from a luxury item to a practical communication and entertainment tool.”

Report by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.

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