More From Digital Music Forum West

Another fine article from Wired as they covered the Digital Music Forum West last week.  This go-round is about social networks, music discovery and recommendation services.  A few morsels:

– Radio is still an essential part of the marketing mix. But I question the charts as a goal. The ability of artists to connect with fans is more important.  Exposure is a limited win game. You see a lot of exposure — the question is, once you’ve got people exposed and engaged, how do you get the user to take action — register an email address, buy something, etc.?

– The demographic for radio is trending older.  Discovery is happening exclusively online for the younger demographic.

– Terrestrial radio is a great passive experience for lots of people, but by and large, they aren’t tastemakers anymore.- The perception of the cost of music is dropping to zero. When users get music for free next to an ad, they lose the perception that music costs money.

The recap of the six executive panel can be found HERE



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