Movie Night

Amy and I decided to rent a movie since we haven’t seen one in the theater in so long.  There just hasn’t been anything that was a “must see”.  We did try the newest Indiana Jones flick, but it was extremely disappointing.  Only Batman Begins and U2 3D were worth seeing.  As a result we have avoided the big screen like the plague and have saved a good amount of money in the process.

But back to my story.

We walked into Blockbuster just knowing we would find a film that was released in the last 6 months that we would like to see.  I mean, come on, that’s a lot of movies.  As we walked down the long new release wall, from one end of the store to another, we ended up with exactly zero DVD’s in our hand.  It became obvious as to why we haven’t been to a movie in such a long time.  Everything is absolute junk!  It was junk when it was in theaters and stays junk when it is available for rental.  I don’t know why we expected it to be any different.  Eight bucks or four bucks.  I’ll still want my money and time back.

Either Hollywood is running out of ideas or they just don’t get it anymore.  Juvinile comedies, stupid slashers, political agendas, bad actions, and retread dramas.  Those were our picks.  We passed.

However, Amy and I did find within the Foreign section a movie which we had missed in 2004 and heard was good – the Colombian film “Maria Full of Grace”.  It was our single selection for movie night and it turned out to be an very good choice.  I highly recommend it.

Hollywood will try to blame their lackluster year on the economy (sound familiar to another business we know??).  But the truth is they are expecting too much from making trite, uninspiring crap.  I hope the holiday season brings something worthwhile, because I do love seeing an incredible movie on the big screen.

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