Power Shmower

I recently checked out the “Power” rankings in Country Aircheck.  It is the issue that features the top 30 most powerful people in the radio and music industry as voted by Country Aircheck readers.  Ten years ago I would have been eagerly voting and anticipating the results.  Now I find I just don’t care anymore.

The power list is purely an ego stroke for the industry and an attention getter for the magazine.  I totally get it.  Lots of industries and magazines do it.  It’s a PR move – not a scientific study – and very open to disagreement and discussion.

Understand, I have many friends on the list this year and I don’t have anything against anyone who received the votes to make it into the ranks.  I applaud them!  I guess it is simply a concern I have with focus on power, status, and ego rather than individuals who are making a truly positive impact on the future of our businesses through innovation and creativity, and in the lives of those who work within it.  Many of the current people would remain on that list too, but others would rightly not.

In a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine who is a prominent player in the music business, we discussed how there were more important things to value in our lives besides power and prestige.  The whole power list thing does the industry no good whatsoever, but the game will continue to be played. 

If a list must be done, how about a “Smartest” countdown rather than the usual “Powerful” brand?  It matters most what people do with their power than how much they have. Persuade industry peers to look at the qualities of the individual and what they have to offer in the future rather than their corporate rank and how big of a sledgehammer they have.

“The attempt to combine wisdom and power has only rarely been successful and then only for a short while”  – Albert Einstein

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