Things I noticed on the road last week…..

I’m on the road in Louisiana right now.  I’m enjoying visiting with new and old friends.  Here’s a few observations from my trip last week:

  • I always love the sunsets in Kansas and Oklahoma.  They are really hard to top.
  • What did I ever do before having a GPS? 
  • Discovered one of best CCM stations I have ever heard – House FM in Ponca City, OK.  Very cool stuff, crisp signal, and great sounding station.  I knew of the network before, but now I have experienced it first hand.
  • No shortage gasoline and much cheaper than Nashville.
  • I had forgotten how popular Indian Tacos were during state fair time.
  • How much more reading I get done while on the road.
  • That I come up with ideas more when traveling, especially when driving a long distance. 
  • I haven’t been shooting photography as much as I should lately.
  • I was reminded how much I love midwestern rock music. 
  • There are too many male country artists that sound alike and have nothing compelling about their songs.  And then a few who are very compelling and great for the future of our format.
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