Sailing Away from the Safe Harbor

 Radio’s Digital Blue Ocean

Why radio needs to move away from the red ocean and into the deep blue seas…

by Daniel Anstandig

Future success can be accomplished with a new way of thinking and an adjustment to radio’s business model. The most arduous obstacle between our current status and future success is our thinking. Changing philosophies is difficult, and our industry is still clearly mired in legacy systems.

Nearly forty weeks of my year are spent visiting radio stations around the world working on digital strategies. We work on multi-platform strategies (on-air, online, mobile) and training/education of programming, promotions, and sales departments. 

As our team enters the walls of different radio stations around the world, we find one commonality: The most progressive and successful radio executives are clear that radio’s business model is perfectly constructed to achieve its current results. In other words, the declining results are consequent of a deteriorating business model, and they’re finding new ways to accomplish their goals. 

In other words, “If the business model isn’t working, try smarter.” Look for ways to expand your business beyond the product offerings and customer base it serves today.  

For more on Radio’s Digital Blue Ocean, visit:

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