What Kitty Wells and Kid Rock Can Teach Us

Authenticity is so crucial for the success of our format.  Nothing is worse than Nashville putting out artists and songs that are contrived and tedious.  Oh wait, yes there is – radio playing them. 

I’ve often thought that this is a time for reality.  Not reality shows or individuals who have been on reality shows.  That sort of manufactured “reality” has made people even more hungry for music that is true and genuine.

Whether that authenticity comes in the form of grit, passion, vulnerability, or sincerity – people will respond in the most positive way.  They want realness.

A recent CMT article from Chet Flippo explains the important authenticity that both Kitty Wells and Kid Rock have brought to Music City and what they can teach us on how important it is to be real in the country format.

Check it out HERE.

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