HD Radio Making Last Stand?

Inside Music Media thinks HD is making its last stand on the radio frontier.  Here are the reasons:

1. New People Meter numbers for the first few PPM markets (or soon to be markets) show that HD listening did not meet the minimum reporting requirements. Say what? HD has been around in one phase or the other for decades. And still, no one listens.

2. No one listens because no one wants to spend any money at all to own a radio – especially a radio that doesn’t come as standard equipment in a car. Duh! And once enough cars have them STILL nobody will want to listen to HD.

3. Group operators don’t even want to invest in special HD programming – you know, the kind that might make someone, say – buy a new radio. That speaks volumes for HD. The listeners don’t want it. The stations don’t want to program them. Poor General Struble – he’s the only one ready to fight to the finish.

4. HD is the waste can on the radio industry. Owners dropping formats have been known to send the formats they were dropping into the HD dumpster where their fans could not listen. Some also made the dropped format an Internet stream. Just brilliant. The Internet is the place for radio’s “A” material – not the ceremonial burial grounds for discarded radio formats.

5. Last week, even NPR affiliate WGCU in Naples, FL decided to drop classical music. Oh, no – they didn’t really kill it off. They did worse. They sent it to HD Siberia where their fans can’t hear it unless they want to buy an HD radio – and we’ve already covered that unlikely prospect. Radio should be ashamed of itself, anyway. You’d think you’d have one of every format in every market – and a damn good version of each format as well. Sorry if classical isn’t hip-hop but can you see why satellite has the edge here and why WiFi streaming is going to kill radio.

6. Sooner or later the HD radio proponents are going to run out of money. You can’t keep getting funding forever with promises and no results.

Read the entire article HERE.

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One Response to HD Radio Making Last Stand?

  1. John says:

    Well, HD Radio has only been around for years, not decades. At least according to http://www.hdradioreview.com
    Personally, I think will survive as it is free, and the only place to get local content. You can’t get local from a satellite.


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