Coming in for a Landing

Just for fun I sent off an email to my radio friends asking them where they think I will land.  Something is imminent, so I thought I’d have some fun.  I was not disappointed by the responses:

  • Roger Penske is looking for a driver for the Number 12 Alltel Dodge… (I could do that)
  • Kid Rock’s Media Manager (It would have to pay very very well)
  • Presidential of the United States nominee  (I don’t even like the word vetted)
  • Emerson Drive band member  (I know all the songs!)
  • Fashion Editor for Country Weekly  (Would they give me a new wardrobe?)
  • Radio sales  (I can’t even imagine)
  • Regional Manager for Pizza Hut  (Just can’t keep a secret in Nashville anymore)
  • Ringling Brothers  (I have worked for monkeys and clowns before and am adept at walking tightropes.  It’s not far removed from the music business!)
  • Michael Phelps towel boy  (Fortunately I don’t have any references for such a gig)

There were many record label guesses and only one person with the correct answer.  Details to come.

Thanks for playing.

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3 Responses to Coming in for a Landing

  1. ha! that is wonderful.

    i’d have given you the job as my agent and manager, but can’t pay anything but commisssion after… so alas, tis better you take the other gigs…



  2. Mike says:

    I appreciate the sentiment, however, that is a good offer considering the talent and ambition you have.


  3. well, if you get some spare time? ……. 🙂


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