Cowboy Upgrade

In this post I commented on how huge the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium looked from not only up close, but from across the city.  It is massive.  It will be the largest in the NFL and one of the biggest sports facilities of any kind on earth.  Texas style indeed.

To give you a perspective on just how big it is, check out THIS article from  You can also take a tour of the future facility HERE.

I’m no Cowboy’s fan (sorry my Texas friends), but it will be an amazing place to see a game.  Not as cool as Lambeau however.

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One Response to Cowboy Upgrade

  1. JL says:

    I saw it this weekend. The area that it is built in Arlington is not suited for this type of facility. All the roads around the stadium have no more than two lanes. Even without a game, the traffic was heavy. To add to the confusion, a lot of the roads have had recent name changes and are not clearly marked. This is going to be a huge a nightmare.

    From the small road that circles the stadium, I saw what appears to be a huge jumbotron that extends the length of the field. Wow! Reliant Stadium is the nicest stadium that I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see the inside of the stadium when the Redskins come to town on Dec 27th! Congrats Cowboy Fans on a nice facility!


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