Forward Thinking in Nashville


Finally someone is doing something that makes sense in this town.  Will it work?  Based on the demo segment who purchase music from Taylor Swift I think it will.  The price points may be a little high for the basic CD and digital download pre-sale and they probably should have given an incentive along with it.  Although, Taylor does have a passionate fan base, so they may need no bonus enticement.

If it falls short, then it was a good move in forward thinking.  It is only the beginning of what can be accomplished with innovation, incentive, and creative marketing.  I noticed the “Pink Ticket” gimmick is taken right from the Chocolate Factory.  Willy Wonka would be proud.

We have to be of the thinking that Wal-Mart and Target do not sell music any longer.  It’s not very far fetched.  How do we engage our consumer, give them a real reason to purchase music online (or the incentive w/ free music), and make them long term partners in a career?

Nashville typically lags behind the curve and likes to make excuses for it which only perpetuates the lag.  Yes, times are tough and present many challenges for the future, but within those challenges are huge opportunities.  We do indeed have to be Fearless.

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