Finish Strong

I have continued to enjoy the Olympics and have looked forward to the track and field.  I watched the 100 meter prelims and finals over the weekend and was amazed at the speed of the sprinters.  What I could have done without is the showboating and egotism of some of the athletes.  Why do they find it necessary to cut off their efforts 10 meters from the finish and strut across?  Don’t tell me they are saving themselves for the finals……I mean…..its only 10 extra meters.  There’s really no place for that in the Olympics.

I have similar issues with NFL players who are about to score a touchdown and pull their effort up short as they dance or pose across the line.  Also, players that do over the top or choreographed celebrations in the end zone.  I’m all for savoring a moment, but it reminds me of what coach Tom Landry once said, “When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

I understand that the pace of an Olympic prelim in certain sports may be slower, but when you get to the finals you have to give it your all and finish strong no matter what place you come in.  If not for yourself, then for your teammates.  That’s how you’ll get the respect you think you deserve.

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  1. as usual. totally agree.


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