Glory Days of The Wolf in Dallas

This is an intriguing article from Sean Ross from Edison Media Research, but it is the comments following that take the cake.  I shouldn’t be surprised of how overweight egos respond so vehemently and how many want to take credit for not just being responsible for The Wolf’s success in Dallas, but for giving them the inspiration and idea.  Please.  It’s just a topical article, not an in depth radio history lesson.

I appreciate most the professional comments from Jim West, Cody Alan, Dean James, and the individuals who can actually take part of the credit for the success that didn’t post anything at all. 

The Wolf was well done and at its zenith was one of the best country radio station I had ever heard at the time.  The branding (before branding was cool), marketing, music, and relevance was unmatched.  I traveled to Dallas a great deal during its heyday, so maybe I can take some of the credit too??

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