Lopez Lomong’s Glorious Run

I am already hooked into the Olympic Games.  The commitment, training, competition, and stories are inspiring.  Not to mention the feeling you get seeing the world come together, with all of it’s talent, beauty, spirit, and diversity on one stage. 

Did you see the story about the U.S. track and field athlete, Lopez Lomong, who carried the American flag in the opening ceremonies?  It is truly a wonderful reflection of our country and an example of what one person can do to turn tragedy into blessing, and then use that blessing to help others in similar tragic circumstances.

Born in Kimotong, Sudan in 1985, Lomong was kidnapped when he was six years old and became one of the countless Lost Boys of Sudan. He eventually escaped to a Kenyan refugee camp and later moved to the United States when he was sponsored by Robert and Babara Rogers of Tully, New York. He finally became a citizen in 2007, making it possible to represent the U.S. in international track and field competitions. Lomong is also member of Team Darfur, a group of athletes who are bringing attention to the conflict in Sudan.

Lomong will be in the 1,500 meter run on Friday, August 15th.

Read more about Lopez Laomong here and check out his website here.

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