Competing or Cheating?

A hypothetical situation here……

A particular segment of business has certain rules and regulations that companies are to abide by.  Some are set in stone and others are unspoken rules.  It essentially becomes the accepted framework of conducting fair business.  Of course everyone is looking for an edge to win, but they all start from a level playing field.

One day, a particular company finds a loophole in the system and knowingly exploits it.  The result is to the advantage of this company, but it clearly goes beyond the framework and fair business practices.  They say it is “working the system” or being “creative” while the rest of the competing companies say that they are essentially cheating.

So the question is, did they do what any company would have done to get ahead and to beat the competition or were they caught cheating as they looked to win “at all costs”?

I believe we should aspire to win, but not at “all costs”.  There is desperation in selling your ethical soul and a considerable risk of losing integrity and respect within the business community. 

I have an idea of how to do business.  How about we give all that we can, do the best that we can, be innovative, creative, passionate, and savvy in the process; but do it with integrity and respect for others.  Call me crazy.

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3 Responses to Competing or Cheating?

  1. Beverlee Brannigan says:

    Perhaps I am naive, but I still believe that in the end, ethics win. Maybe not on this record, or the next rating period…but in the end the ethical path wins. Which, of course, leads to the discussion of: What is “a win?”


  2. Mike says:

    I agree Beverlee and, yes, that does move into discussing what a win is. Unfortunately we have become a society where there are legitimate winners and then also winners that require an asterisk.


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