2008 Nashville Star Winner

Well, they finally wrapped up season number six and the first major network season of Nashville Star on NBC tonight.  The viewing audience had a choice between two finalist – Melissa Lawson or Gabe Garcia.  In what was overall a very hard to watch (and listen to) series that included far too many very untalented singers – the last two standing were unquestionably the best of the bunch. 

Gabe Garcia was good, but he just doesn’t stand out vocally from other male vocalist in the country format.  He does have a unique look, and oh how the country format is desperately needing diversity!  The best vocalist, and the ultimate winner of Nashville Star, Melissa Lawson, delivered when she needed to.  I thought she was unremarkable at first, but she steadily improved.  Congratulations to both Melissa and Gabe and best of luck for what is next.

All of that said however, I still stand by my initial review of Nashville Star when I stated that Natalie Hemby crushes all of them.  See that post here.

If another Nashville Star is in the works, I hope they work on sound production a bit more, replace Billy Ray as host, and please……for all that is good and merciful…….find more than two decent artists. 

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One Response to 2008 Nashville Star Winner

  1. Kris Wilson says:

    When I asked my audience to call and tell me what they thought of the show the silence was deafening. Yesterday I asked them if they wanted to hear Melissa’s song. Most people who called just wanted me to play something else. One ole boy said “Donna Fargo she ain’t”.

    Great blog Mike!


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