Such is the Music Business

Thanks to all of you who have reached out today:  Jesse, Jim, Beverlee, Carol, Luke, Kevin, Chris, Patches, Andy, Chad, Tim, Stephanie, Tony, Denise, Nathan, John, Mary, Frank, Rosey, Jim, Bill, Andrew, Jackie, Greg, Randy, Clayton, Tom, Jeff, Elizabeth, Brian, Lisa, Kelly, Erin, Peter, Shane, David, Cara, and Barry.  I know I’m leaving some people out, but I appreciate the emails and phone calls from everyone.

It’s refreshing to see how people actually care in what can be a cold hard business.  But all is well in God’s time and purpose.  I feel good and very hopeful about what is next.  There are so many known and unknown possibilities.  I will be exploring them all and continuing to blog in the process.

Onward and upward.

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2 Responses to Such is the Music Business

  1. keithmohr says:

    Hi Mike,
    Got your email, sounds like an opportunity for you to grow!
    I am sure there is something around the corner for you!
    Praying for ya!
    Keith Mohr


  2. Onward and upward indeed. Excited for what’s in store for you with this new opportunity of adventure.




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