Know What You’re Good At (part 2)

In a previous post I explained why it is important for an artist to focus on what they are good at and not try to be something they are not.  A little honesty, humility, and introspection can go a long way in that discovery.  I think it is true for any of us, no matter where we find ourselves.

It is also important to live out of the box now and then.  You can’t get too comfortable where you are; you must grow.  The only way to do that is to stretch your heart, mind, and abilities into new places and experiences that will enhance those positive qualities you already own.  But you must stay true to who you are and any improvement you make in yourself must also be given to others.  This not only strengthens you, but builds up those around you as well.  Nothing is worse than acquiring talent, power, money, and knowledge and then using it to manipulate people to make yourself famous or wealthy.  I see it everyday in the music industry.

It’s all about choices.  You can sell your selfish soul and sacrifice those around you to acquire what you think is respect (but no one will truly respect you); or you can find happiness and satisfaction in striving for goals that will not only bring you success, but will provide that opportunity to others around you because of the way you set an example of true excellence.  Not just excellence in what you do, but who you ARE as a person.

Know what you are good at, but also be willing to step out and grow your gifts and talents.

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