Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Grattan

I am in love with music.

From my early years of Shaun Cassidy posters strewn upon every wall, dancing with a leotard to mimic Olivia Newton John, and getting ready in Rob’s room after he left for school…just so I could listen to his Loverboy album.

I carried a Bee Gees lunchbox, and sang Linda Ronstadt songs in the shower. I ripped my sweatshirts and believed I would live forever. I held the line and I fought the feeling. And oh Mickey…you really were so fine.

I remember Matt tripping over his roller-skates asking me out to the song “Truly”. I remember Mike giving me a Madonna cassette at my locker in Jr. High. I remember Julie weeping because we were in the same room with John, Nick, Simon, and whoever those other two were.

My first concert was Elton John. My favorite was The Kinks. But the best memory had to be toasting with tequila in the scorching sun as the sky opened up and the rain soaked us down to the sound of Eddie Vedder singing the lyric “sheets of empty canvas…” at Lollapalooza.

I danced with Dan to Etta James and drove with Dave to Steely Dan.

Greg thought I was the one after he saw me in blue jeans with my pearls. Jim thought that too after a night with Annie Lennox. And didn’t we all make out in the car to Fleetwood Mac at some point in time?

From “Wonderful” to “Witchy Woman” the music has made my mood. And Alanis must have been reading my mind to have gotten those lyrics so right.

I steal the jukebox with 17 picks of classic rock and own the atmosphere with Boston, Journey, Heart, and Robert Plant. Miles and Muddy, Rod and Jethro, Frank & Dean and Aretha too…they all get a spin sometimes.

I’ve played the “Wicked Game” and I’ve bet on “The Gambler”. I’ve even traveled down the “Red Dirt Road” just to find myself “Home” again.

I’m your biggest fan and your loudest cheerleader. Your most appreciative target. Thank you for hitting the bull’s-eye.

You’ve flown me to the moon and made me go a little crazy sometimes.

Through purple rains, down yellow brick roads, up solsbury hills and into jungles…you’ve shown me the way.

You are the soundtrack of my life and my stroll down memory lane. You inspire, encourage, and strengthen me through the strum of your guitar.

Some enjoy a painting, others a sculpture or two. I live for the tune that turns through my head over and over again.

Chord after chord after chord, you wake me and chill me and turn me on. Song after song after song you nail my emotion to the wall and cause me to cry out loud.

Every lyric, every melody, every hook…gets me every time.

And I love you.

Elizabeth Grattan is a freelance broadcast talent/writer and owner of RADIOELIZABETH. Her clients have included Sirius Satellite Radio, Clear Channel Communications, Salem Communications, Relevant Magazine, & Curb Records, among others. For demos and links to additional writings, visit

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